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BUSINESS SUMMITS | 02.03.2014 TUSKON's Fifth Board Meeting

Speaking at TUSKON's fifth general meeting on Saturday, Meral highly criticized Prime Minister Erdođan for his rhetoric and accusations about the Hizmet movement, inspired by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen.

Addressing guests in Ýsta... continue »

more on MEETINGS&VISITS | 01.04.2014 Compensation Used to Develop Uganda

March 25, 2014: The Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) said it has won compensation in separate cases for the illegal wiretapping of a phone conversation which turned into a smear campaign against the confederation and that this money will be used to build an orphanage in Uganda, the country at the center of the smear campaign.

Earlier in December, a voice recording surfaced on social media in which Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen and TUSKON Secreta... continue »

more on MEETINGS&VISITS | 01.04.2014 Twitter ban a disappointment in information age

March 21, 2014: Speaking during a meeting organized by the Federation of Anatolian Businessmen (ANFED) in Ankara, Meral said: “We are in an era of information technology. Those who own and share information have an advantage. Freedom of expression is also a precondition for countries for getting ahead. The ban on Twitter prevents developments to this end.”

Stressing that with the recent decision of the government Turkey has moved further toward becoming an authoritarian regime, Meral sa... continue »

more on MEETINGS&VISITS | 31.03.2014 NLGA Reception

March 19, 2014: TUSKON along with the Turkic American Alliance hosted Lieutenant Governors at a reception at TAA's headquarters. Over 30 Lieutenant Governors and 30 business-people were able to interact and explore ideas in which both the respective states of each LG would benefit and businesses from Turkey. Beyhan Nakipoglu, a TUSKON Board member, shared his investment experiences in Turkey and in the States. ... continue »

more on BUSINESS SUMMITS | 31.03.2014 Turkiye-Russia Business Forum

March 13, 2014: TUSKON hosted Sergey Katyrin, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, in Istanbul for a business forum seeking opportunities available for both parties to work on.

Speaking at the Turkey-Russia Trade and Investment Forum in Ýstanbul on Thursday, Katyrin said the two countries have a common goal of raising bilateral trade to $100 billion from its current level of $33 billion and that TUSKON has undertaken a key role in attaining this target.
... continue »

more on ROUNDTABLE | 31.03.2014 Roundtable On Turkey's Municipal Elections

March 13, 2014: TUSKON in collaboration with The Center for American Progress hosted a panel to discuss the importance of Turkey's upcoming elections. Featured speakers were Yavuz Baydar of T24 and Gokhan Bacik from Zaman.... continue »

more on BUSINESS SUMMITS | 31.03.2014 Nebraska Business Summit

March 11, 2014: The Omaha Chamber of Commerce along with The Turkish Business-people community organized an expo for business-people to seek opportunities. As TUSKON we also contributed to the development of business between Turkey and Nebraska as our D.C. Representative Hakan Tasci put forth a list of opportunities both in Turkey and the United States of America. ... continue »

more on MEETINGS&VISITS | 01.04.2014 TTIP: Towards an EU-US free trade deal – But what’s in...

March 6, 2014: TUSKON Brussels hosted a meeting to discuss the future of the TTIP. A report was posted in which the speakers mentioned US and EU partners are a crucial part of the deal.

The third round of negotiations between the EU and the US took place in Washington DC, in December 2013. The next round will start in mid-March 2014. Talks for a free trade deal may take longer than initially foreseen and major challenges need to be addressed to reach an agreement, but negotiations seem ... continue »

more on BLOG | 02.03.2014 President Meral Speaks to WSJ

February 28, 2014: Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Turkey quoted President Meral as saying on Friday that “different government figures, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdođan, warned [that it would] do away with TUSKON unless it cut relations with certain groups critical of the government.” Meral was speaking in an interview with the WSJ Turkey on the sidelines of a Turkey-Africa Business and Investment Council meeting in Ýstanbul.

Meral's comments are no surprise to those familiar wi... continue »

more on BUSINESS SUMMITS | 02.03.2014 Turkey-Africa Women Entrepreneurs Trade Bridge

February 27, 2014: TUSKON hosted a trade bridge to integrate more women entrepreneurs into the business world. More than 800 women of whom 350 are from Africa and the balance from Turkey, are attending the conference which seeks to foster business ties between women from the continent and their counterparts in this East European country.

Exhibitions held yesterday included companies from the textile and clothing sectors, manufacturing, information and communication technology, tourism, ... continue »

more on MEETINGS&VISITS | 02.03.2014 Turkey – back to old days? The current state of EU-Tur...

February 18, 2014: Following the recent developments in Turkey, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in cooperation with TUSKON hosted an expert meeting “Turkey – back to old days? The current state of EU-Turkey relations”. The discussion was moderated by European Policy Centre’s (EPC) policy analyst Amanda Paul and the experts taking part in the debate were MEP Sir Graham Watson, President of ALDE Party, Dr. Hans-Georg Fleck, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s resident represent... continue »

more on BUSINESS SUMMITS | 02.03.2014 Turkey-East Africa Trade Bridge

February 11, 2014: Businesses from East Africa are expecting to boost trade and investment partnerships with Turkey, company representatives told a summit held by TUSKON in Gaziantep.

A total of 127 companies from 11 different countries in East Africa attended the expo inGaziantep.

The Turkish and African business-people held roughly 5,000 bilateral business meetings. TUSKON has intensified efforts to help more Turkish firms branch out into promising African markets over the pa... continue »

more on PRESS RELEASES | 30.12.2013 Press Release

We are, carefully, following the concerns over the recent investigation on bribery and corruption that is taking place in our country for the past few weeks. The claims surrounding four ministers and their sons are not restricted to them but also extend to bureaucratic circles and foreign citizens, are indeed very serious. Our members and public opinion do expect the truths to be brought out as soon as possible in line with the rule of law through an independent investigation that should end wit... continue »

more on BOARD | 03.02.2014 TUSKON - Systematic campaign of defamation is under way

TUSKON has criticized what it said a systematic campaign of defamation against the business conglomerate, stressing that its business activities that help contribute to Turkish economy should only be welcomed.

TUSKON said in a statement on Saturday that there are seven federations, 212 associations, 54,000 businessmen and more than 140,000 companies that are represented under its umbrella and that its founding goal is to help Turkish businessmen expand their trade to foreign markets. ... continue »

more on CONFERENCES | 04.02.2014 Turmoil in Turkey?

January 24, 2014: TUSKON and EPC jointly hosted a panel on the recent developments in Turkey during which the panelists provided insightful opinions. Alexandra Cas Granje, European Commission (EC) director of enlargement, mentioned that Turkey should deal with its problems within the confines of the rule of law and the legal instruments of democratic societies referening to a recent corruption scandal and draft bill on the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK), stressing that EC expects... continue »

more on BLOG | 04.02.2014 Unaffected by tension, TUSKON promotes Turkish economy

TUSKON has had its share of these provocative media reports. Regarding the recent media reports criticizing TUSKON's lobbying efforts for Turkish firms abroad, TUSKON President Rýza Nur Meral told Sunday's Zaman that allegations against TUSKON “do not make sense” and that the confederation has always supported Turkish businessmen who want to branch out into global markets. “We will continue our support [for Turkish entrepreneurs],” Meral added.

The size of investment and trade agreement... continue »

more on ROUNDTABLE | 03.02.2014 Thai-Turk Business Relations

On January 20, 2014 a group business-people from Thailand led by Mr. Narong Sasitorn and Mr. Samart Boontratip, visited TUSKON's main office in Turkey to discuss ways in which both sides may strengthen their relationship.

Ahmet Ciger expressed to Mr. Sasitorn and Boontratip that "both countries are crucial for each others success and thus we must work together to find projects on which we can coordinate together."

After a long discussion between both sides, each respected ind... continue »

more on CONFERENCES | 03.02.2014 Connecta 2014

January 16, 2014: TUSKON partnered up with the California Turkish American Chamber of Commerce to host Connecta in Silicon Valley. A conference aimed at technological advancements, guests were treated with a plethora of panelists who addressed various topics. Among the panelists were Open Garden Inc. CEO, Micha Benoliel; Jumpcam CEO, David Stewart; Coorliris Founder and CEO, Soujanya Bhumkar; General Catalyst Partners Principal, Niko Bonatsos; 212 Ventures Vice-President, Dilek Dayinlarli; Globa... continue »

more on MEETINGS&VISITS | 30.12.2013 Turkey - Benin Trade Forum

Beninese President Yayi Boni attended Turkish-Benin Trade and Investment Forum organized by Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) on December 12th, 2013. Boni noted Turkey and Africa will organize a summit and Benin will be a key player. Mr. Boni stated that, “No country can advance without Africa. The continent and Turkey cannot be separated. Although Turkey is placed as the 16th most developed country in the world, its strength is beyond that. No one can dismiss Turk... continue »

more on CONFERENCES | 30.12.2013 Judiciary Reform In Turkey

As part of the “Turkish Insights” project, the European Policy Centre, cooperated with TUSKON to host a panel on Judicial reform on Wednesday December 18, 2013.

One of the most critical and challenging reform areas in Turkey has been judicial reform, a key element in Turkey’s EU accession process. However, the process remains patchy. The constitutional referendum of 2010 represented a significant step forward, aimed at strengthening the independence of the judiciary, fundamental rights ... continue »

more on BUSINESS SUMMITS | 30.12.2013 Turkey - India Business Forum

TUSKON hosted Indian Businessmen at their Turkey - India CIS Trade and Investment forum on December 5th, 2013. Speaking at the forum the Istanbul Consul General of India Manish Gupta, stated that the two countries should focus on cooperation within the economic realm. India is a country where Turkey wishes to cooperate with and within three years the trade volume between the two countries expected to increase. Mr. Gupta also mentioned that "India is investing $1 trillion on infrastructure update... continue »

more on BUSINESS SUMMITS | 05.12.2013 19th World Trade Bridge

The 19th Turkey-World Trade Bridge 2013 event organized by the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) was held in Ýstanbul on November 25-26, where some 1,500 businessmen from 130 countries held bilateral meetings with more than 1,000 Turkish companies in pursuit of business opportunities.

TUSKON Chairman Rýzanur Meral said that numerous business deals worth $28 billion were concluded in the previous 18 bridges, adding that this total will increase to $30 billi... continue »

more on CONFERENCES | 09.12.2013 UNIDO LDC Conference in LIma

TUSKON delegation attended the 15th UNIDO LDC Conference in Lima Peru on Nov 30, Dec 1, 2013. TUSKON was invited as the business partner of the conference and had chance to meet with several cabinet members of LDC countries along with UNIDO and OHRLLS representatives during this trip. TUSKON Deputy Chair Osman Reis, headed the delegation including TUSKON US Executive Director Hakan Tasci and TUSKON Latin America Coordinator Cankut Aytan. During the conference participants Honored and thanked TUS... continue »

more on BUSINESS SUMMITS | 05.12.2013 TUSKON's 'African Wave' Creates Splash

November 25, 2013, the second day of a global trade and investment summit in Ýstanbul saw increased interest from African companies in Turkish markets, with some major deals in the works.

Organized by the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON), the World Trade Summit opened its doors to visitors from around the world on Monday. The summit, which will run through Nov. 26, is hosting 1,343 foreign firms and 800 local firms and expects to facilitate 25,000 busines... continue »

more on CONFERENCES | 10.12.2013 WTB Reception

November 24, 2013, the eve of one Turkeys biggest trade expo's, TUSKON welcomed their guests with delightful evening in which guests were able to meet and greet business-people from around the world.

After a delicious sampling of Turkish cuisine, Guinea Minister of Commerce The Honorable Mohamed Dorval Doumbouya briefly addressed the attendees by stating "We need more developing and rising countries such as Turkey. This process not only helps Turkey but also helps us".

Followin... continue »

more on MEETINGS&VISITS | 09.12.2013 Guatemala-Turkey Relations Set For A Bright Future

On November 15, Ambassador Lars Pira of the Guatemala representation to Turkey visited TUSKON HQ in Istanbul. Mr Meral and Amb. Pira exchanged thoughts and ideas pertaining to future business developments. Throughout the meeting both parties insisted that the relationship is well below its potential and thus have prepared plans to increase ties. ... continue »

more on MEETINGS&VISITS | 05.12.2013 President Meral Meets Key US Officials

Wednesday November 13th, TUSKON President Rizanur Meral, Vice President Mustafa Gunay and D.C. Representative Hakan Tasci met with key Congressional Representatives. To Kick off a great day of meetings TUSKON officials had breakfast with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Congressman Mike Doyle and Congressman Pete Olson. Throughout breakfast both sides emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong US-Turkey relationship and to do so each Congressman urged Turkish business people to visit their r... continue »

more on BLOG | 08.12.2013 Prep Schools Represent Private Sector

TheTurkish government's decision to close down prep schools, privately owned institutions known as dershanes that help Turkish students prepare for standardized high school and college entrance exams, is adversely affecting the confidence of business owners in the Turkish economy as well as the predictability of the economy, the two key factors that attract foreign direct investment (FDI), business representatives have commented.

TUSKON President Rizanur Meral expressed his views on the... continue »

more on ROUNDTABLE | 04.11.2013 Memphis-Turkey Partnership

On October 30th, 2013 TUSKON D.C. Representative traveled to the great city of Memphis Tennessee to speak with community members about investing in Turkey. Mr. Tasci emphasized the opportunities at hand in Turkey and urged for business leaders to consider Turkey as a potential partner. State officials including Mayor A C Wharton along with State Senators and Representatives also participated in a well organized business discussion. Mayor Wharton encouraged his colleagues to take part in Turkey's... continue »

more on ROUNDTABLE | 04.11.2013 Rendezvous in Moscow

The Confederation of Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) organized a meeting in Moscow on Thursday October 24, 2013, that brought together businesswomen from Russia and Turkey as part of its attempts to establish closer economic ties between the two countries.

The participating women all agreed on one thing: That a great task falls on women as well as men in realizing the ambitious target of reaching $100 billion in mutual trade, a goal jointly set by Turkish Prime Minister ... continue »